GhostShark Games

GhostShark Games is an indie development studio

founded in Rome in 2011 by talented and experienced developers sharing their passion for games. We gained a strong experience in game development on desktop, console and mobile platforms. We mainly provide game development services for hire, but we develop our own IPs as well.

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Davide Barbieri


Domenico Barbieri


Armando Teora


Outsourcing Services

What we can do for you

GhostShark Games gained a long experience in 2D and 3D game development and we can help you to develop your interactive application for a wide set of platforms. Our estimates are fair and realistic, and our rates are competitive.

  • We can build your game from scratch, starting from your game design and concept art
    or just from an idea;
  • We can develop a specific aspect of your game or even a single module;
  • We can work on any popular game engine like Unity3D/Unreal or even your custom C/C++ game engine.
  • We take part on development actively, giving suggestions about the product design
    in order to avoid potential pitfalls and to maximize development efficiency;
  • Performance Optimization

    Our engineers know how to get to best performances on every platform, allowing the players enjoy the best achievable gaming experience and allowing the game to target the broadest number of devices.

  • CPU/GPU Performance profiling analysis
  • CPU/GPU Memory profiling analysis
  • Overall C/C++/C# performance optimization
  • Shaders performance optimization
  • Native/Managed memory optimizations
  • Resources usage optimization
  • Porting

    We can port your complete game to new platforms or revamp it improving its graphical impact both at asset and at shader level. We can also improve or re-design the UI and the game inputs of your product in order to improve the User eXperience on a specific platform.

    Some B2B Projects


    Our address

    GhostShark S.r.l.
    Via Marco Valerio Corvo 121
    00174 Rome (Italy)

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